For as far back as I can remember, powerups have been a staple of video games. As a child, I had Mario who could pick up mushrooms and fire flowers, and sometimes even the powerful star to get a boost. Even now my current game of choice, Monster Hunter Rise, has creatures around the maps that you can interact with for a temporary power boost.

Mario’s Powerups Have Come a Long Way

For my Space Shooter game, I want to be able to give my space ships powerups. And I think the best place to start is to give the weapons a boost. I’m going to create a powerup that will give the player the ability to fire three lasers at once for a short period of time.

Once that is finished, I will create a powerup to give the player a temporary speed boost. Finally, I will then create a powerup that will grant a player a shield, protecting them from some incoming damage. While basic, these powerups will help flesh out the game and make it more fun to play!