Beginning to Look Like a Game!

After creating a working prototype without real assets, It’s finally time to update the prototype with production quality sprites! Sprites are a 2D game object, so in order to work with them we will need to swap our game to 2D.

First, I’ll add take our background asset and add it to the Hierarchy to add it to the game. Next, Ill need to take all of the 3D assets and convert them to 2D. This is done by stripping away the 3D renderers, colliders and rigidbody components and replacing them with the 2D equivalents.

Sprites for the Enemy, Player, and Laser

The mesh renderers are replaced by sprite renderers, which can then be populated by the new sprites. We will want to make sure we set the colliders to “Is Trigger” in order to maintain the functionality of the established scripts.
Finally, the rigidbody components should have the gravity set to “0” so they will not be acted upon by the built in gravity systems.


With our new assets, this project is really starting to look like a real game!